This blog belongs to Erez Shinan, a professional software researcher & developer.

I'm interested in software, design, language, and philosophy, and the way all these concepts interact in the abstract.

I'm particularly interested in new designs for programming languages, because I believe that language is intertwined with our way of thinking about the world, and a new language gives us a new ways to think about our problems.

My expertise is varied, and includes Security, Performance, Parsing and Software Architecture.

I usually work for start-ups, and in my spare time contribute to open-source.

Check out my Github page to see some of my projects and POCs.

There are also a few of my old projects still hosted at google-code (old).

You can follow me on twitter, but I don't promise to make sense: https://twitter.com/erezsh


  • thisisforbmn says:

    Hi Erez,

    I have used your FileDict code
    (http://erezsh.wordpress.com/2009/05/31/filedict-bug-fixes-and-updates/) in a simple program for the media player on the Nokia N900 to allow it to
    remember the last location each track was played to.

    I am thinking about releasing this as a package to the community in case
    someone else found it useful and I would like to know if you are happy to have
    the referenced code released as part of this application under an open source
    license (GPLv2).

    Obviously you would be credited for your code and as any code will be under an
    open source license I won't be charging for the program.

    Thanks for the useful example. Please let me know what you think.



  • Mark says:

    I notice that posts tend to only have comments within a few days of posting. I am considering leaving comments on some of the earlier entries which I recently discovered, but I wonder whether I should bother writing it up or whether no one is paying any attention by now.

    • erezsh says:

      I will read it, of course. If you want people to notice it, you should reply in my old blog: erezsh.wordpress.com (which is now a mirror). Some posts still get a dozen hits a day.

  • Rohan says:

    Hello Erez(sh?)!

    I've seen some of your projects, they're awesome! And I've been hoping to get in contact, I would love to ask some questions about PlyPlus and Lark, if you're interested in chatting, then here's a few forms of communication 🙂

    Discord: taigaclaw#5203
    Google+ hangouts/Gmail: coolq1000@gmail.com

    Let me know if you're in chatting :]

  • Hi Erez

    My name is Nikhil and I'm an Acquisitions Editor with Apress Media LLC. Part of Springer Nature, Apress is a technical publisher focusing on all domains of IT, with more than 1,000 books in print and electronic formats.

    I handle book projects for Python, IT Security and Enterprise categories at Apress. I came across your profile while looking for authors willing to work with us on Python books; ones particularly focused on Python Parsing. I went through some of the posts featured on your blog and would like to know if you would be open to discuss book authoring opportunities with Apress. Do let me know if you’d like to discuss this further.

    Let me know if I may share more details on the Apress publishing processes to aid your decision.

    Have a great day ahead!


  • Ellery says:

    Lark is the sweetest thing since apple pie! I am officially abandoning Flex & Bison for good. I am currently working on a Woz's Integer BASIC compiler to 6502 assembly for the Commander X16 (2020) 8-bit computer. Shalom!

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