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5 Lark features you probably didn’t know about

If you've ever used Lark, you probably already know that it's rather featureful compared to other parsing libraries. Even when it was first released, five years ago, it already had two parsing algorithms, several lexers, automatic AST construction, automatic line counting, and the list goes... View Article


Create a stand-alone LALR(1) parser in Python

Over the years, I noticed that many developers are reluctant to use parsing libraries, especially if the language they need to parse is relatively small. The reason is that they wish to avoid adding external dependencies to their project. Although pip (setuptools) can automatically fetch... View Article


How to write a DSL (in Python with Lark)

The first time I used Logo, it felt like magic. I could type a short sequence of simple commands, and draw beautifully complex shapes on the screen. In this tutorial, I will show you how to parse and interpret a Logo-like language in just 70... View Article